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  • Vegetarian or meat lover? ?
  • Really? Are your products only made from plants??​
  • Where we can buy our products?
  • Your products are not "bio" products. Why??
  • What are the trace amount of some ingredient in the products??
  • A production line in France? ??
  • Can I really cook it like I would cook meat? ?‍?
  • What about the packaging? What do you use? ?
  • Why are your products really good for your health?
  • Why are your products better for the planet?
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    It is, and will always be, a pleasure to answer them

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    • We want to please each and everyone of you!

      When we realized the environmental impact of the meat industry, we wanted to act and decided to create a plant-based option to meat, while offering the same texture, the same taste and the same nutritional intakes. ?

      We want to allow you to have a law environmental impact by eating a wide variety of food. ?

      We believe our products are offering a new way to reduce our meat consumption while having one of the best a great culinary experience.

    • Before, there were meat from animals & plants.

      In 2019, we decided to bring the best in plants to create a mouthwatering and high-quality plant-based meat. How do we do that? First, we find the plant equivalent of meat’s core parts (proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids) from different types of plants. Then, we add natural flavors and dyes to recreate the texture, flavors, juice of meat from animals. We had a glucid mixture to bring together our plant fibers. Finally, we add healthy fat from sunflower oil to have products with less than 2% of saturated fats. No you understand why every bite you’ll take will feel like you are eating meat.

    • Available in France ??

      We help you to find our products in shops via the shop map (we complete it as we go along) but also in our partner restaurants where you can taste our products and of course our e-shop to be delivered to your home in 48 hours.

      Don’t hesitate to write to us if you can’t find us or if you want to serve or buy our product.

    • Our ingredients are not organically grown. We will be working on new recipes with more and more organic ingredients in the coming months. Our objective remains your health and the protection of the planet?

    • Sometimes we are asked why we have the writting“this product can have trace amounts of mustard, celeri, sesame seeds, etc.”We have to mention this for health and safety reasons because the factories where we make our products have beed producing products that contained these ingredients. Even if the production lines are sanitized, some amount of these ingredients could remain.

    • We are very proud because we have opened a vegetable meat production line for the French territory, with a production capacity of 6 to 10 tons per day. This is a great opportunity for us to work with local players and contribute to the vegetal sector in France. In the long term, we want to make meat accessible to as many people as possible and thus reduce meat consumption in France.

    • We are making plant-based meat that not only tastes like meat but also can be cooked like meat. The experience starts when you brown your aiguillettes in the pan, ? when you fry your nuggets until golden, and when you grill your burger. ?

      You can find our cooking advice right here. We also shot and edited videos to show how to cook our products! You can find them on Instagram.

    • Most of our packaging are produced in Bretagne (France) in a eco-friendly factory. The cardboard material is PEFC or FSC; our inks are made from plant-based pigments (the best you can find); our cardboard waste is up-cycled. The production area is cleaned with washable clothes.

      We are going to reduce the amount of packaging used as soon as we find solutions to ensure health and safety when bringing our products to your kitchen. We will always do everything we can to protect the planet.

    • Our products are rich in proteins or rich in fibre. Proteins contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass. We want to contribute to a varied and balanced diet that goes hand in hand with healthy lifestyles.

      All the compositions of our products are described on here, and allow you to see the low saturated fat content of our products, their organoleptic richness, and their intake and content of sugars and salt. If you compare to animal meat, you will easily be able to see the benefits. Don’t hesitate to visit Instagram, to discover our notes on the Yuka application.

      Don’t forget that the most important thing for your health is to eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day; to engage in regular physical activity; to avoid eating too much fat, too much sugar, too much salt; and to avoid snacking between meals.


    • Our products represent 11 times less CO2 and up to 10 times less water from animal meat.

      Chicken produces 7kg of CO2 and our vegetable aiguillettes represent less than 0.5kg of CO2.

      Beef produces 35.8kg of CO2 and our vegetable steaks represent less than 3.4kg of CO2.
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      By reducing animal meat consumption by 50%, 4.45 million square kilometres of farmland could be used for market gardening – the size of India and Mongolia!
      According to the FAO, the current area of agricultural land on Earth is 15 million square kilometres and livestock occupy nearly 80% of this, but produce less than 20% of the world’s calorie supply. Read more about the impact of our food in this article.

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