Serve our products in your restaurant?

+40% of French people are flexitarians, we are all more and more aware of what we eat, and also of our impact on the planet.

New eating habits are arriving, 100% plant-based products are an opportunity to reinvent your recipes and welcome new customers.

    The pleasure of eating a good burger without compromising my health, better for the planet, and with the same taste as meat.

    Products very very gourmet

    Regulars or new customers, meat lovers or vegetarians. Customers everywhere are asking for meatless dishes or alternatives that are better for health and the planet.

    Anything you make with ground meat, you can make with HappyVore and shrinks less than meat from animals, so you get more for every pound.

    The french brand

    We are the first in France to manufacture 100% plant-based meats, which are also delicious for all consumers and even those who love meat.

    They’re good for your tastebuds, and the planet.

    Why join the HappyVore

    Increase your average bill : our products can drive sales, attracts new, high-value customers and boosts average ticket sizes.
    Make impact with us : help us reduce the impact on the planet
    Gain visibility : Bring in more customers — both old and new. HappyVore can inspire plant-based fans and meat lovers alike to visit your restaurant.