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Our mission

A heavy ecological footprint of livestock farming, responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions and 63% of deforestation in the Amazon. Greenhouse gas emissions from animal husbandry represent more than the fuel consumption of transportation. We can’t say we didn’t know!

Our first steps

Guillaume Dubois and Cédric Meston decided to launch HappyVore, because changing our eating habits by reducing our consumption of animal proteins in favor of vegetarian ones had become the obvious alternative and even an emergency.

In 2019, the adventure begins with months of research and development to develop new products that could allow all French people to reduce their daily meat consumption.

Eating should remain a pleasure and good for health. So, no question of compromising on the taste, nutritional quality of our products, their composition and of course, fulfill our mission to preserve the planet. This is what unites the whole team.

In September 2020, we are once again making history, our history (and almost that of France): we are opening a production line of vegetable meat plant in France.

Feeding the planet differently

Feed better the planet

this is what guides us. Our plate is the most powerful lever to save the planet. A food revolution that we want to be French

We manufacture alternatives with greed, always remaining good for the health and resolutely better for the planet.

Better and less, no opposition

We no longer have a choice, it is more necessary than ever to change our diet: to limit our consumption of meat. It is at the heart of our footprint on the planet, it has an immediate impact on our health.

Our team dedicates its energy to the permanent reduction of our carbon footprint, here in France. Commitments that progress with our history.

Not an activist, but an actor for a better world

We are one of those who believe that everything can be changed for the better. We do what we think is right, even if it means changing our habits, the way we consume or produce.

Many of us, thanks to the small changes of each one, we can preserve the planet by continuing to enjoy meal.

Want to join us?

Since 2019, we have been working tirelessly on the development of these new products. We designed them first of all with our passion for taste, our desire to offer better alternatives for health and above all, in line with our desire to preserve the planet. We come from different horizons, to democratize alternatives to meat.

To join us, the best way is to subscribe to our Linkedin page (we share all the opportunities).